Who we are lies in what we do.  From our premium stock of prefinished LP SmartSide to our hands-on approach to project management, every aspect of a VANIR installation bears the same mark of quality and care that defines us as a company.

Expect More. Demand Better.

VANIR was founded in 2016 on the idea that homebuilders deserved better services, products, and warranties for their home exteriors than what was currently on offer. We recognize that your home exterior represents one of your most valuable assets--not only in terms of your home’s curb appeal, but as the face of who you are as a company. With this in mind, what we sought to create was a sustainable alternative to products and services that limited your company’s ability to grow by exceeding expectations in a crowded marketplace.


By combining a durable, exclusive product with competitive pricing, industry-leading warranties, and professional management of your project’s installation, what we offer you is more than a quality home exterior with a unique value. It’s also a less-risky way of transferring to future homeowners the promise contained by how your house is wrapped, making your home a smart place to live and a safe place to dream.

235A East Market Street

Smithfield, NC 27577


Serving North Carolina and the Southeast

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