VANIR'S stock of prefinished LP SmartSide offers you the quality and value you need to edge out the competition.  Backed by industry-leading warranties and unmatched durability, our engineered wood siding isn't just the safe choice for your home exterior, it's the smart choice.


30 Year PPG Paint Warranty

16 Colors In Stock

Green Renewable Resource

5/50 Year LP Siding & Trim Warranty

Competitively Priced

16' Boards = 33% Fewer Seams

We also supply and install the following exterior products:

  • Vinyl Siding

  • Columns

  • Brackets

  • Crawlspace Access Doors

  • Porch Rails

  • Trellises

  • Crossheads

  • Etc.

Warranty Information


The VANIR Difference


We’ve taken the 30-year warranty of PPG machine-applied coatings and combined it with the 50-year warranty of LP SmartSide. What you get is a prefinished engineered wood siding that outperforms and outlasts its leading fiber cement competitors with none of the performance and environmental drawbacks. The deeper wood grains and longer-lasting sheens that accompany your Vanir exterior’s enhanced durability mean that your home’s beauty isn’t built to be fleeting--it’s built to last.


LP SmartSide


LP SmartSide is an engineered wood siding product with over 20 years of successful performance in the United States. Backed by a 5/50-year limited warranty, it’s lightweight and durable, cuts with standard woodworking tools, comes in 16-foot lengths for 33% fewer seams, and is completely silica-free. LP SmartSide is also designed to withstand extreme climates and is treated to resist rot, insects, and fungal decay. It’s an exterior product that looks and behaves like wood with all of the added advantages of LP’s cutting-edge engineering process. We’ve also eliminated the middleman by buying our stock of LP SmartSide directly from the manufacturer, allowing us to offer it to you at an extremely competitive price.


PPG Machine Applied Coatings

For over 90 years, PPG has been a trusted name in machine applied coatings across the country. We take their low-maintenance, UV-resistant paint product--guaranteed by a 30-year limited warranty--and apply it to our stock of LP SmartSide by enlisting the experts at Production Systems Inc., a paint finishing service located in High Point, NC. What results is not only a product that you don’t have to paint yourself, but also one with a finish guaranteed to remain beautiful and hassle-free for at least 30 years.


Vanir prefinished LP SmartSide is sold only as an installed product. We flash all of the end joints of our siding with color-matched aluminum coil--not housewrap--meaning that your exterior’s water barrier won’t break down when exposed to sunlight. All other seams are caulked with high-performance OSI QuadMax to ensure a beautiful seal that will last for the entirety of your exterior's lifetime.

Prefinished LP SmartSide
Prefinished LP SmartSide
Prefinished LP SmartSide
Prefinished LP SmartSide


  • Shake

  • Board & Batten

  • Siding

Prefinished LP SmartSide
Prefinished LP SmartSide


  • Almond

  • Sand

  • White

Prefinished LP SmartSide
Prefinished LP SmartSide
Prefinished LP SmartSide
Prefinished LP SmartSide
Prefinished LP SmartSide
Prefinished LP SmartSide
Prefinished LP SmartSide
Prefinished LP SmartSide


  • Color-Matched OSI QuadMax