We manage the installation of vinyl and prefinished LP SmartSide home exteriors.  Geared towards new construction, your project is our project.  We handle it just as you would--professionally, reliably and with an attention to detail that guarantees quality results.

One Call Does It All.


What we do is simple: we take your new construction project and provide it with a quality exterior facade. Whether you use our prefinished LP SmartSide or your choice of vinyl cladding, you turn over the keys and we supply and manage the installation. What sets us apart is not only the exclusive product we carry in stock backed by long-lasting warranties, but also our professional management staff dedicated to servicing your needs precisely, efficiently, and according to schedule.


Our staff recognizes that in your project the devil is in the details. From its outset, Vanir’s team works to clarify and define the unique goals and expectations you have for your project. We believe better communication translates into better real-time judgments during the course of your project, in turn leading to your immediate satisfaction with the results and our continued, trusted relationship in the long run.


When you order a Vanir prefinished LP SmartSide home exterior, the service we offer is expedited by the stock of material we maintain in 16 different colors. Delivered on our own trucks by Vanir personnel, your exterior is installed only by insured, OSHA-compliant installers under the careful supervision of Vanir project managers. We keep your job site safe and clean for the duration of the project, constantly oriented toward one goal: your satisfaction, guaranteed.


  • Accurate Quotes

  • Hands-On Job Supervision

  • Detail-Oriented Project Management

  • Efficient Communication

  • 30-Year Paint Warranty

  • 50-Year Siding Warranty

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed